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FlightHub is a leading North American online travel agency (OTA) based in Montreal, Canada. FlightHub proudly serves millions of Canadians each year, enabling more people to visit new places and explore new cultures. FlightHub’s goal is to offer travelers the most affordable flights, optimal itineraries and exceptional customer service. The leading online travel agency (OTA) believes that broadening travel possibilities and connecting people across borders increases human consciousness, reduces fear and inspires positive change. Founded in 2012, FlightHub has facilitated more than 30 million connections.


Affordable Travel

By having exclusive deals with over 400+ airlines we are able to offer the cheapest airfares in Canada.

Customer Care

Our services don’t end once a ticket has been purchased. Our world-class team of agents is available 24/7.

Community Initiatives

We’ve partnered with and donated generously in support of our community, particularly the causes close to our hearts (and head office!).

Over 30 Million
Connections Made
Since 2012

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