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Published Jun 29, 2023

Driving Success Through Execution

Driving Success Through Execution

As published on Business Wire – Momentum Ventures today shared insights into its strategic approach to promoting sustainable growth within the startup ecosystem. The company has harnessed the power of execution excellence, short-term strategic bets, and precise talent acquisition.

According to the 2020 Gartner Execution Gap Survey, organizations that are able to successfully unlock capacity to execute new growth strategies increase profitability by 77%. Successful organizations can attribute their growth and success to adopting a sustainable strategy that aligns with their core competencies. Momentum Ventures exemplifies this finding through its continued pursuit of near-term profitability, shrewd market strategy, and keen focus on people.

“We don’t believe in taking low-probability home-run swings,” said Matt Keezer, CEO of Momentum Ventures. “Our philosophy is to outwork and outsmart our competitors through more predictable, short-term bets. We repeat this process rapidly, allowing us to seize market share from competitors while maintaining the flexibility to course correct easily and often.” By embracing the challenges of a crowded market, Momentum Ventures has continually demonstrated its capacity to innovate and drive growth in the face of competition.

With its focus on identifying people that fit their strategy, the company is seeking out the next ‘unicorn’ leaders; leaders who possess strong execution skills combined with extraordinary levels of grit and commitment. In order to identify this talent, Momentum Ventures has launched the Momentum Million Challenge. The challenge is a competition aimed at identifying and supporting highly motivated entrepreneurs that would lead the next Momentum startup.

As a self-funded entity, Momentum Ventures has the autonomy to make bold, strategic decisions quickly, all the while striving for near-term profitability. This financial independence is a cornerstone of the company’s approach, allowing it to pursue strategies that create long-term value and drive consistent success.

“We’re excited about the path ahead,” continued Matt Keezer. “Our approach to business not only ensures our competitive edge, but it also fosters a culture of excellence that breeds success. As we step into the future, we remain committed to driving transformative growth and making a significant impact in the industries we operate in.”

To apply to the Momentum Million Challenge, visit https://www.mventures.ca/challenge.