Matt Keezer, Momentum Ventures CEO, Recognizes the Success and Impact of Leading Venture Studios
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Published July 11, 2023
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Momentum Ventures, a Montreal-based venture studio, extends its commendation to High Alpha, Highline Beta, and Antler for their impressive contributions to the creation and success of startups worldwide. Their forward-thinking approach, commitment to innovation, and proven track record highlight the strength and viability of the venture studio model.

In recent years, venture studios have not only grown in popularity but also in effectiveness. A 2022 report from the Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN) revealed that startups emerging from venture studios are significantly outpacing traditional startups, boasting a 30% higher success rate. The study further indicated that 84% of these venture studio startups go on to raise a seed round, demonstrating the impact of this model on the entrepreneurial landscape.

In the United States, High Alpha has demonstrated an exemplary ability to launch, scale, and invest in promising B2B SaaS companies. Their portfolio boasts an array of groundbreaking startups, setting the bar for business software solutions of the future.

Our fellow Canadian venture studio, Highline Beta, has excelled in co-creating startups with industry-leading corporations. By successfully merging corporate acumen with startup agility, they’ve launched and nurtured numerous innovative enterprises, underscoring the versatility and potential of the venture studio model.

On a global scale, Antler is making strides with its unwavering commitment to investing in extraordinary people and ideas. Their operations span multiple major cities worldwide, tapping into a diverse pool of talent and creating a broad portfolio of impactful startups.

Matt Keezer, Momentum Ventures’ CEO, adds, “We are inspired by the work that High Alpha, Highline Beta, and Antler are doing. Their commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation aligns with our core values at Momentum Ventures. As active participants in this exciting venture studio landscape, we continue to be inspired by their work and share in their vision and dedication to building a future where more startups not only survive, but thrive”.

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About Momentum Ventures

Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Momentum Ventures is a company committed to creating and growing startups that have the potential to make a significant impact in their industries. Momentum Ventures has created several successful online companies including FlightHub, one of North America’s largest online travel agencies with annual sales of 3B per year. Since its founding in 2014, Momentum Ventures’ focus on execution excellence and teamwork, combined with an extraordinary level of grit and commitment has helped them establish a reputation for creating successful startups.

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