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Published Jun 23, 2023

Momentum Ventures Calls for Leadership Amidst Tech Sector Job Losses

Momentum Ventures Calls for Leadership Amidst Tech Sector Job Losses

As published on Business Wire – In the wake of widespread job losses in the technology sector, Montreal-based Momentum Ventures, a company dedicated to creating and growing start-ups, is announcing an active search for seasoned industry leaders to join their growing companies. In a time of industry-wide challenges, they are looking to turn adversity into opportunity.

Statistics show that tech firms have accelerated layoffs in 2023, the total of which now surpasses the cumulative job losses from all tech companies in the prior year. Job cuts have not only affected major tech companies including Amazon, Meta, Shopify, and Microsoft, but smaller tech firms as well.

“We’re acutely aware of the talent that has been released into the market due to these layoffs in the tech sector,” said Momentum Ventures CEO, Matt Keezer. “Our intention is to tap into this pool of highly-skilled, experienced leaders and provide them a platform where they can continue to innovate, lead and make a substantial impact.”

Momentum Ventures has a strong track record in developing successful start-ups and they want to keep the momentum going with the addition of successful talent. This move reaffirms their commitment to attracting and retaining the best personnel, leveraging their expertise to drive success across their companies.
This initiative comes in addition to Momentum’s $1,000,000 Challenge announcement. The challenge is a competition aimed at identifying and supporting highly motivated entrepreneurs that would lead the next Momentum Startup.

“We believe in the power of people. Our strength has always been our team and we’re ready to welcome those who share our vision and passion for growth,” Matt Keezer added.

For more information on available positions or to apply, visit Momentum Ventures’ careers page.

To apply to the Momentum $1,000,000 Challenge, visit https://www.mventures.ca/challenge.