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Published Jul 20, 2023

Promoting Domestic Discovery: Momentum Ventures and FlightHub Support ‘Canada 365’ Strategy

Promoting Domestic Discovery: Momentum Ventures and FlightHub Support ‘Canada 365’ Strategy

As published on Business Wire – Momentum Ventures, a Canadian venture studio and parent company of leading online travel agency, FlightHub, stands at the forefront of Canada’s rapidly evolving tourism industry, championing the significant economic impact and the vast employment opportunities it brings to the country. As a testament to the industry’s relevance, in 2022, the tourism sector supported an impressive 623,375 direct jobs and a total of 1.9 million jobs nationwide.

Recently, the government has unveiled a comprehensive strategy, “Canada 365: Welcoming the World. Every Day”, aimed at transforming Canada into an attractive all-year-round destination for international and domestic tourists alike. Momentum Ventures and FlightHub are eager to support this innovative approach, recognizing the vital role it plays in the Canadian economy and for businesses that cater to tourists.

Recent data from FlightHub reveals an intriguing trend in Canadian travel habits. In the period spanning April 1to July 18, 2023, roughly one third of all tickets sales were for domestic travel, compared to an overwhelming two thirds for international travel. This data suggests a striking preference among Canadians for overseas destinations over local explorations.

Momentum Ventures CEO, Matt Keezer, highlighted the importance of this information. “Our data shows a clear trend – Canadians are avid travelers, but they’re mostly looking overseas. As a key player in the travel industry, we see the incredible potential of our own beautiful country. We believe that, with the right approach and support from the ‘Canada 365’ strategy, we can encourage more Canadians to explore their homeland,” said Keezer.

Matt Keezer added, “At Momentum Ventures, we’re open to discussions with the Canadian government on how we can further boost domestic travel. As a proud Canadian company, we’re committed to showcasing the best that our country has to offer.”

By promoting travel within Canada and working closely with the Canadian government, Momentum Ventures aims to contribute to the country’s economic growth and job creation within the tourism sector. Leveraging their tech expertise, they are eager to facilitate more sustainable and responsible tourism, enriching the travel experiences of both international and domestic tourists.