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Published Jun 27, 2024

Spotlight on Flygreen:

Spotlight on Flygreen:

At Momentum Ventures, we are proud to highlight Flygreen, a key brand in our portfolio that aims to provide reliable private aviation services across North America. Flygreen has quickly established itself as a trusted partner for companies and individuals across various industries that are in search of efficient private travel solutions. This post delves into Flygreen’s journey, technological advancements, and the values behind its success.

Journey and Growth

Starting with a small team of just two dedicated individuals in February 2023, Flygreen has experienced impressive growth within its first year. Today, the team has since expanded to 24 employees. This rapid expansion is a testament to the trust and confidence clients place in Flygreen’s services, as well as the hard work and dedication of the entire team. Each new team member brings valuable skills and insights, contributing to Flygreen’s abilities to meet increasing client demands and maintain high standards of service.

Flygreen’s recruitment process plays a crucial role in this growth. The company values a warrior-style culture, emphasizing resilience, dedication, and a strong work ethic, echoing our values at Momentum Ventures. The recruitment strategy focuses on finding individuals who are not only skilled but also align with these core values. This approach ensures that every team member is capable of thriving in a fast-paced environment and commited to the company’s mission to exceed customers expectations.

Comprehensive Services

Specializing in securing the right private aircraft for any need, Flygreen can organize flights with as little as four hours’ notice. With access to over 7,000 certified operators, they tailor each flight to meet the specific requirements of each client.
Serving leisure customers for individual or group travel, as well as companies in a wide range of sectors including oil and gas, healthcare, and entertainment, Flygreen ensures that every flight is organized effectively.

A significant factor in their success is JETPRO, the company’s internal aircraft sourcing platform. Developed by their expert tech team, JETPRO facilitates the efficient sourcing of the best aircraft for each request. It supports Jet Charter Executives in providing informed and personalized advice, ensuring flights are well-suited to client needs. This technological edge allows for high standards of service while continuously improving operational efficiency.

Environmental Approach

While awaiting the development of more sustainable aviation alternatives, such as electric aircraft, Flygreen aims to reduce its environmental footprint in the meantime. Using JETPRO , the company provides clients with detailed “Trip Reports” that summarize itinerary, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions of each flight. These reports offer transparency by helping clients understand the environmental impact of their travel.

Additionally, Flygreen matches 50% of their clients’ carbon capture contributions through their carbon matching program, and has planted over 30,000 trees in North American forests. These initiatives reflect a proactive approach to environmental sustainability and the company’s goal of reducing the environmental impact of private jet travel.

Recognizing Achievements

Flygreen’s innovative approach and dedication to technology and sustainability have not gone unnoticed. Recently, they were honored with the CB Innovation Award for 2024, recognizing companies that demonstrate outstanding innovation and impact in their respective industries. For Flygreen, this award underscores their efforts to leverage technology for better services and ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impact.

A Reliable Partner in Private Aviation

Flygreen’s approach to customer-centric service, advanced technology, and environmental initiatives make them a trusted choice for private aviation solutions.

At Momentum Ventures, we celebrate Flygreen’s achievements and their commitment to providing reliable private aviation services. Their story is one of growth, innovation, and dedication to clients. We look forward to their continued success in the private aviation industry.

Learn more about Flygreen and how they can assist with your private travel needs here.