A company committed to creating and growing startups

Who We Are
Who We Are
About Momentum Ventures

We are a company committed to creating and growing startups that have the potential to make a significant impact in their industries. Our focus on execution excellence and teamwork, combined with an extraordinary level of grit and commitment has helped us establish a reputation for creating successful startups.

The Momentum Playbook

We strive to out work and out smart our competitors. We rely on developing execution excellence to take market share from legacy competitors. We don’t take low probability home-run swings, we opt for more obvious short term bets and repeat this processes rapidly. This approach builds our competitiveness in a more predictable manner that also allows us to course correct easily and often.

We identify people that fit our strategy

It all starts here, not everyone is well suited to execute the momentum playbook, but for those who are, we want to find you and build an awesome business together.

We strive for near term profitability

We are focused on profitable growth, we choose business strategies that have a clear path to profitability from the outset.

We are self funded

Our startups focus entirely on their business, spending no time on raising money or making decisions in function of what is strategic for raising capital. It also removes the burden of convincing an external partner of tactical changes.

We like a crowded market

We are excited everytime we see a crowded field, it’s a clear sign that there is no winner that is significantly better than everyone else. This dynamic is much like a battlefield with many players duking it out, and duking it out is exactly what we like to do!

Our Businesses
Our Businesses
The Present
Founded in 2012, Flighthub is Canada’s largest online flight provider with over 1B in annual sales. arrow_circle_right Visit FlightHub
Founded in 2014 Justfly is America’s 4th largest online flight provider with over 1B in annual sales. arrow_circle_right Visit Justfly
Founded in 2023, Momentum AI is harnessing AI to create customer service solutions for the travel industry.
The Future
Spacehub is looking for a leader to join the team and lead us into a new industry. It could be you! arrow_circle_right Apply here
The Past
Founded in 2005, Interhub created one of the largest video sharing sites on the web today. We exited in 2009 in a private sale worth over $100M.
Founded in 2009, infinity labs brought hollywood classics to a membership service. We exited in 2011 in a private sale worth over $10M.
At Momentum Ventures

The Momentum $1,000,000 Challenge is a competition aimed at identifying and supporting highly motivated entrepreneurs that would build the next Momentum Startup. This competition is an opportunity for you to be the leader of our next company. It isn't essential to have a well formulated business idea, in fact, you don't need an idea at all. We care about your story and what your skills and ambitions are. Ideas are freely available and execution is everything.

We're excited to hear from you and we're equally excited to support your ambitions.

What our winners get
  • Minimum $1,000,000 backing
  • Significant equity stake
  • Work with and learn from a skilled team of serial entrepreneurs
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