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Welcome to Momentum Ventures

 A company committed to creating, partnering with, and growing startups that have the potential to make a significant impact in their industries. Our focus on innovation, collaboration, and good old fashion hard work has helped us establish a reputation as a leader in the world of startups.

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We Build Businesses

Our passion is to build. We are a group of entrepreneurs that has built several large online businesses. Ranging from entertainment to the travel industry. We continue to build new businesses.

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Private Investing

Our core strategy is to identify the best leaders in the world that are working on exciting and useful things. We value visionaries that have tremendous execution capability.

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Public Investing

We invest in the public markets when we find great opportunities to get behind great companies. Our positions are very long term and we put our faith in great leadership.

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Momentum Philosophy

At Momentum Ventures, we believe that the best way to create value is by combining innovation, expertise, and an extraordinary level of grit and commitment. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities and partnerships, and we are excited to continue growing and evolving as a company.

At Momentum Ventures

In addition to our startup ventures, we also make strategic investments in areas of interest. Some of our notable investments include Boom Supersonic, a company working to bring supersonic air travel back to the skies, and RetailNext, a leading provider of in-store analytics and retail optimization solutions.

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Built from the ground up, Flighthub is Canada's 2nd largest flight travel agency


Built from the ground up, Justfly is America's 4th largest flight travel agency


As an early investor, we believe Supersonic travel is coming back.


Improve store performance with accurate foot traffic data. Optimize conversion

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