Momentum Ventures Announces $1,000,000 Challenge for Bold, Ambitious Entrepreneurs  
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Published June 01, 2023
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As published on Business Wire, in a move designed to unearth, ignite, and amplify the potential of today’s entrepreneurs, Momentum Ventures, a company committed to creating and growing startups, announces the launch of the Momentum $1,000,000 Challenge.

Adopting a distinct approach towards startup competitions, Momentum Ventures isn’t seeking the next ‘unicorn’ business idea – it’s seeking the next ‘unicorn’ leader. A leader who possesses strong execution skills combined with an extraordinary level of grit and commitment.

“Rather than focusing on the idea, we’re focusing on the people. Ideas are freely available and execution is everything,” says Momentum CEO Matt Keezer. “We’re excited to hear from you, and we’re equally excited to support your ambitions.”

This competition is a unique opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs to lead Momentum’s next startup. It isn’t essential to have a well-formulated business idea. In fact, applicants don’t need an idea in order to apply. What truly matters is the story behind the person – their talents, their aspirations, and their drive.

The Momentum $1,000,000 Challenge prizes go well beyond the financial backing. At stake for the winners:

Momentum is not just offering a competition; it’s offering a career-defining opportunity. To every spirited individual with an entrepreneurial mindset, this is your call-to-action. Your chance to demonstrate your leadership abilities, to share your story, and to reveal your skills and ambitions.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their candidacy via the Momentum Ventures website as of today. The Momentum $1,000,000 Challenge aims to change the way entrepreneurship is fostered, with a steadfast belief that people – not just ideas – are the engine of innovative startups.

About Momentum Ventures

Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Momentum Ventures is a company committed to creating and growing startups that have the potential to make a significant impact in their industries. Momentum Ventures has created several successful online companies including FlightHub, one of North America’s largest online travel agencies with annual sales of 3B per year. Since its founding in 2014, Momentum Ventures’ focus on execution excellence and teamwork, combined with an extraordinary level of grit and commitment has helped them establish a reputation for creating successful startups.

To apply to the Momentum Challenge, visit the Momentum Ventures website at  

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