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Published Jun 15, 2023

Embracing the Future: Momentum Ventures Champions AI Integration Across its Organization

Embracing the Future: Momentum Ventures Champions AI Integration Across its Organization

As published on Business Wire, Montreal-based Momentum Ventures has announced a strategic focus on artificial intelligence (AI) across its companies. This commitment stems from their recognition of AI as a transformative tool in the business landscape, with the objective of integrating it into its core operations.

“AI holds unprecedented potential in shaping the future of industries. We want to embrace this potential, instead of shying away from it,” said Matt Keezer, CEO of Momentum Ventures. “We want to ensure that our companies are not just adopters of this technology, but also active contributors in driving AI innovation. We believe in making AI a fundamental component of our corporate culture.”

Momentum Ventures’ strategy to integrate AI comes at a time when the technology is increasingly being recognized as a game-changer across all sectors. Taking the lead in this endeavor is Henri Chelhot, co-founder of FlightHub and former Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Recognized for his expertise in driving growth strategies and maximizing profitability, Chelhot has initiated a project dedicated to exploring AI’s expansive applications and promoting its use throughout the Momentum Ventures organization.

The goal of Chelhot’s project is to showcase the promise of AI, demonstrating its value across various business areas, from enhancing operational efficiency and productivity, to improving customer experiences and deriving valuable insights for decision-making.

“Henri has always been a strong advocate for productivity and growth,” said Matt Keezer. “Under his leadership, we are confident of unveiling new AI technologies that will be instrumental and transformative for our companies. His deep understanding of business dynamics and tech advancements make him the perfect fit for this initiative.”

“I’m incredibly excited about this project,” Chelhot said. “AI can revolutionize how we operate and conduct business. We aim to develop AI-based services and tools that leverage this potential, transforming it into tangible benefits for our various companies.”

Momentum Ventures, with its history of creating and growing successful start-ups, sees this move as a strategic step towards the future. By weaving AI into their operations, they aim to empower its companies to stay at the cutting-edge of their respective industries.