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Published Sep 21, 2023

Momentum Ventures Explores the Heart of Travel: A Look into CEO Matt Keezer’s Vision for the Sector

Momentum Ventures Explores the Heart of Travel: A Look into CEO Matt Keezer’s Vision for the Sector

As published on Business Wire – Momentum Ventures, the parent company of acclaimed travel platforms JustFly.com™ and FlightHub™, reaffirms its dedication to the travel sector, shedding light on why it operates in this industry and why it remains steadfast in its commitment. CEO Matt Keezer shares insights into the company’s journey and vision:

“Our mission has always been to empower travelers with seamless and affordable solutions, and our experience in the travel sector has been nothing short of exhilarating. We understand the importance of connecting people with their dream destinations, and we’re thrilled to deepen this commitment.”

Momentum Ventures’ focus on the travel sector is driven by several pivotal factors:

From a business perspective, travel plays a pivotal role in fostering international relationships, expanding market reach, and nurturing global networks. It is a driving force behind economic growth, serving as a catalyst for trade, investment, and innovation. Momentum Ventures understands the strategic significance of facilitating travel in this context.

Furthermore, as Momentum Ventures flourishes within the travel industry, it plays a crucial role in fostering economic development. By generating job opportunities and contributing to the growth of the travel sector in the regions it serves, the company makes a substantial economic impact.

Matt Keezer, CEO of Momentum Ventures, further emphasizes the company’s commitment: “Our dedication to the travel sector is not only about providing great experiences for travelers; it’s also about recognizing the immense potential travel holds for businesses, economies, and global connectivity. We see travel as a bridge that brings the world closer together.”

Momentum Ventures envisions a future where travel is accessible, enjoyable, and memorable. With a resolute commitment to customer-centric solutions, a dedication to technological innovation, and a deep understanding of the evolving travel landscape, the company is poised to redefine travel experiences both in Canada and around the world.

About Momentum Ventures

Established in 2014 and headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Momentum Ventures™ is a dynamic holding company focused on transforming the travel industry. Through a portfolio of subsidiaries including notable brands like FlightHub™ and Justfly.com™, Momentum Ventures is committed to operational excellence and sustainable growth strategies. With a track record of expanding in competitive markets, the company continues to innovate and reshape the travel sector.