The evolution of Momentum Ventures: A look back at our journey
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Published January 18, 2024
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Our journey began with a deep commitment to operational excellence, collaborative teamwork, and surpassing industry norms. These principles have been the driving force behind our growth and success in the travel sector.

Momentum Ventures’ diverse portfolio, featuring FlightHub,, Flygreen, and CruiseHub, demonstrates our dedication to transforming the travel experience. Each brand, unique in its service, shares our ethos of innovation and customer-centricity.

FlightHub: A leader in online travel

FlightHub, launched in 2012, quickly became Canada’s largest online travel agency. Serving thousands of Canadians daily, it exemplifies our commitment to providing the cheapest and most convenient travel options. With millions served annually, FlightHub is a flagship example of our customer-first approach. Expanding our reach

Since 2014, has catered to the US market, providing economical flights and a seamless customer experience. Its extensive network of over 400 airline partnerships has cemented its reputation as a travel booking leader.

Flygreen: Personalized and sustainable private travel

Launched at the beginning of 2023, Flygreen is at the forefront of combining personalized travel experiences with environmental responsibility.
Flygreen’s focus is on offering tailored private jet experiences that cater to the unique needs of customers, including groups and solo travelers, for both personal and business purposes.
Significantly, Flygreen also actively supports sustainability, exemplified by projects like the Forest Initiative, which plants trees to counterbalance the carbon emissions from air travel.

As our journey in the travel sector evolves, we maintain our commitment to innovation and leadership. We recently launched CruiseHub, a new venture designed to enhance the cruise booking experience, and we are dedicated to excellence, aiming to positively impact the global travel industry.
Defined by our adaptability, creativity, and innovation, we eagerly look forward to meeting and mastering the challenges and opportunities that the future holds.

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